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The value of time
Chen Xiaoyang Class Two

       There is an English proverb, which is ‘Time is money.’ After enjoying the journey to Hangzhou for 3 days, I have learned much more about the value of time.
       On 11st, July, over 300 students in Ningguo high school were arranged to travel in Hangzhou,     Zhejiang province. A great many places of interest we visited gave all of us a profound impression, like the West Lake, Zhejiang University,Yuewang Temple and so on. However, from my perspective, no matter how spectacular these attractions are, there is nothing quite like spending time with my chummy classmates. But it is usually happy time that flies faster than others, which has much more meaning to cherish.
       Nobody knows what time is like, for we cannot see it., nor we are capable of touching it. Time is abstract, which we can only imagine in our mind. But we do know time passes extremely quickly. Some students, however, do not know the value of time at all, nor do they know how to make good use of their valuable time. For instance, in the second evening, teachers invited us to watch a movie that was of patriotic kind. But many students came into the crowded cinema without any respect, choosing to talk, laugh and clap hands very loudly, which made all of us hear nothing from the movie but a world of noise. What is more, after teachers had changed the movie into another one we might have more interests in, we still could not be silent in the cinema. Besides, some of us came with mobile phones, neglecting the chances we could stay with our classmates. They just could not help being immersed in virtual world. On the contrary, some students understood the significance of time, for they devoted themselves to helping surrounding people in need. When students slipped and fell, others would come to pull them up. When students left their shampoos at home, they would be given some from others. As we got tired and lost the energy to keep on going, some students would came to our aid to encourage us with encouraging words. All that above is what we should imitate to do. Our time in senior high school is becoming less and less, it is necessary for us to make it deeply engraved on our mind. So we are supposed to value every moment we spend with classmates and teachers. It is worthwhile to enjoy the life and treasure the time in the following two years.
       However, the value of time is much more than giving priority to getting on well with companies. It contains everything in our life. Today we are living in the twentieth century. We know that time is life. When a person dies, his time has ended. Since life is short, we must devote our time and energy to our study so that we may be able to serve our country and its people. But we often neglect time, for it is invisible. So, we need to change our attitude to time in senior high currently . Firstly, it is the time we begin to form our outlook of life. We attend classes, communicate with classmates and teachers, read lots of beneficial books and so on. Secondly, life in senior high school is colorful and rich, for not only can we achieve our dreams with enduring endeavor, but also find endless happiness from our perseverance and determination. Thirdly, in senior high school we can develop our learning skills in order to acquire knowledge and wisdom for preparing for the adventure in the future. Furthermore, life in senior high arouses our passion for studying and forms good habits on life. It gives rise to our ability of devotion to study.
       Time is money, but money cannot get back time. Three-year senior high is a short journey in a person’s life. Do not waste time any more. Try to value every moment to enrich this three-year journey, making it more meaningful and letting us become more mature. If we embrace dreams,spread our wings and soar , we will finally send out shinning light and let the time remember our growth one day.



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